Handset Configurator

Handset ConfiguratorTo configure your handset to enable you to take advantage of the following advanced features: Picture Messages (MMS) or access WAP and the Internet, please click the link below.

Please note that your handset and mobile service must be compatible with these services.

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Picture Messaging is a Multimedia Message Service (MMS) that allows you to send any combination of pictures, audio or video clips and text up to the message size and content capabilities of your mobile handset. Many of the latest mobile phones have cameras built-in and allow you to take a snap, add text and/or sound and send it directly to another mobile phone on our network, the Jersey Telecom mobile network in Jersey or any email address.

We're currently offering Wave Telecom mobile customers FREE WAP!

WAP access (mobile internet) is only free if downloaded via the WAP settings.

Once you have launched the handset configurator you will need to select 'Get WAP settings'. Mobile Internet access is chargable if downloaded via any other settings, e.g. Internet settings.

The next step is to select the correct bearer. WAP access is only free when you select GPRS as your bearer.

Before we can launch the configurator, please confirm that you have read and understood the above statement.